Buy a home with me and if you’re not satisfied within 12 months I’ll sell it for free

Why would I offer such a Guarantee? Simply because I’m confident that you will be absolutely satisfied working with me or any of my team members and that you’ll find exactly the right property to suit your needs. You see, my involvement is not limited just to showing properties and writing up an offer. It takes much more than that to have a happy customer. That’s why, from the very beginning I educate my clients about home buying process and at the same time I listen to their suggestions. We work together on this project. I use my knowledge and experience to find the right property, negotiate the contract and put all the pieces together to make sure that we have a smooth transaction and a satisfied client.

So how does my Guarantee work? Let’s assume the following scenario and see how it works.You buy a property and I or one of my team members represent you as a designated Real Estate agent in this transaction. Then for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase and decide to sell it.

In order to use my Guaranteed Purchase Program certain conditions have to be met:
  • You would have to list your property with me within 12 months of the original purchase date. You would decide on the length of the listing agreement (minimum 3 months and maximum 12 months) and the listing price (not higher than 20% above the recently sold comparable properties in the area).
  • I would market the property according to the listing agreement and your house would receive the same attention as all my listings.
  • If you accept an offer during the listing agreement period and the property closes, you will not pay any commission on the listing side of the transaction (the office representing the seller). That would save you on average 2.5%-3% of the purchase price. I would work for you for free.
  • You will be responsible though to pay the commission on the selling side of the transaction (the office representing the buyer). When we put the listing into MLS system we usually offer 2.5%-3% for the office that brings the buyer to the closing table.
  • For obvious reasons, this offer does not apply to so called “flippers” that is investors who purchase the property with the intention of reselling it right away and making a quick profit.