A listing agreement that you can cancel at any time.

What is the main objection sellers have when signing a listing agreement with an Agent? They worry that in case the Realtor does not do the proper job, they will not be able to get out of the agreement until the listing expires. Indeed, the problem of unprofessional and unresponsive agents plagues the real estate industry. And if despite all your efforts you pick the wrong person anyway, you will have a hard time dealing with this issue.

The standard listing agreements do not have the termination clause based on the agent’s performance, as the brokers want the full opportunity afforded by the length of the deal to make a sale. In best scenario, if they allow you to cancel, you might still be liable for early termination fees. Or, they will take your home of the market but you will not be able to sell the property on your own or with any other Realtor without paying the original broker their due commission. It is truly a vicious circle and it puts the home seller in a huge disadvantage.

That’s why we have introduced a Risk-Free Listing concept. I am so confident that my Home Selling System will work for you, that I will amend the listing agreement with the Cancellation Guarantee Certificate . You will be provided with my 42-step marketing plan and if I fail to deliver the service I promised, you will have the right to cancel the listing agreement at any time, with no penalties or obligations. It’s a win-win situation. You are not only getting a great service but also a peace of mind. You will not fall into a “No Way Out Listing Trap” and you will not be stuck with the wrong agent.